Welcome to WrightPlace website design.

We focus on designing websites for small businesses.

Wordpress is our weapon of choice.  It gives us a wealth of extra features to help our customers get the best from their websites, together with the ability to make changes as they go.

  • We will not insist on costly maintenance contracts, from which you get very little
  • We will design a website that reflects your business requirements
  • We will ensure your site is regularly backed up, for piece of mind

WrightPlace’s Mike has been in the business world since leaving the Royal Navy in 1987.   A passionate interest in websites began over 20 years ago when his CEO asked him to sort the company website out.   After some study Mike designed quite a few websites with the marketing objectives of his customers firmly in mind.

Many of the world’s websites are built on the Wordpress platform.  Therefore, most of the heavy programming required to underpin a website has already been done.   Therefore, it makes sense to use a platform, such as Wordpress, that uses tried and tested methods.