The XX Corporation is not an agency.

The XX Corporation doesn’t do PR.

It doesn’t do marketing.

For investors in and founders of technology and health care startups, The XX Corporation offers you an alternative to conventional PR and marketing agencies.

Starting from a journalistic mindset we help you tell more meaningful stories about your business and products.

  • Well-told stories are at the heart of selling.
  • Well-told stories make you and your company more appealing.
  • Well-told stories don’t sound like they have come straight from the mouth of a PR person or a marketeer.

The XX Corporation is allergic to buzzwords. We put together small, flexible teams focused on effectively telling your story. We help you tell the right story at the right time in the right medium.

A coherent story is broadcast through every action you take from product design through to customer service. This builds greater value for customers, partners and investors.

“80% of CEOs believe their products are differentiated but only 8% of consumers agree”

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